That’s So Raven Star Orlando Brown Leaked His Own Sex Tape



Oh my smh…

Fans have been concerned about Orlando Brown’s well-being throughout the past month specifically, after he took advantage of countless opportunities to discuss his alleged sexual relationship with his former That’s So Raven co-star, Raven-Symoné. About a week after the actor shared disturbing video footage of him and his girlfriend having an intense (and possibly violent) altercation, he has returned once again to social media to share another shocking clip. However, this time around, the video in question is actually his own sex tape.
While the NSFW video was reported and deleted just as swiftly as it went up on Instagram, some things you just can’t unsee.

Nothing like leaking your own sex tape to kick off a new year, uh, right?!

Unfortunately, the choice to air his dirty laundry shows he’s already off to a bit of a rocky beginning this year, but hopefully the actor will be able to get the help he appears to desperately need soon.

See a screengrab of the intimate footage Orlando Brown chose to share to his own social media below.